Monday, May 11, 2009

5/11/09 - Giving in to Facebook

Hi All,
I have been rather delinquent in creating new posts lately. Alyssa has been doing pretty good and I just didn't think that posts about daily activities dealing with Peritoneal Dialysis and this awful disease that has so changed her life, would be very interesting. How many times can you say BP up or BP down without sounding like a broken record.

All that changed last night as I was dealing with a bout of insomnia. I began thinking about how I would handle the numerous requests that I have received to be friends on Facebook, many from Alyssa's friends. I must admit to being a total Facebook novice. For a reason that escapes my mind (this happens a lot lately) my kids opened a Facebook page for me awhile back. To this day, I haven't done anything with my page as I have very little knowledge about this phenomenon and not many of my peers use it.

Doing a little investigative work, I looked at some of the sites of my new found "friends." I found out that they were playing games, going to the refrigerator for beers, taking quizzes and surveys, out walking the dog, longing for summer... all of a sudden, Alyssa updates seem to take on a nw sense of worth - I just needed to change to the "quick-hit" format employed by Facebook users. Get in, get out and in between, provide a little Alyssa update info. Photos also seem to play a big part in Facebook. Unfortunately, Blogspot isn't real "picture friendly." So with that in mind, over the next few days, I will update my Facebook page with a few photo albums of Alyssa that help tell her story. I'll post a link that will give you access to my page. While this may appear to be a to be a pathetic way to get new friends, it will open up the lines of communication for those seeking info regarding Alyssa.

Now that I have totally violated the quick-hit format by writing three set-up paragraphs, I'll give you a little info on what has happened the past week:

A new crisis hit as her liver readings were very high, with no real symptoms to support any kind of diagnosis. Follow-up blood tests have shown a decrease, so as with many of her medical issues, it will have to "remain a mystery."

This past weekend, Lyss and new friend Wendy Dandrea from Frontier Field, escorted the "Zooperstars" during their performance in the Lilac parade. While she enjoyed their costumes and routines, her favorite part was getting to know the "very cute" performers. Rumour has it that she will be getting together with them when they return to Rochester in June for another performance at Frontier Field. She also tried her hand at bar tending. If you like your beer with a large head on it, Alyssa is your girl!

Last night her peritoneal tube became clogged, keeping her from doing her nightly dialysis. A trip to the dialysis center and a few "belly dance" type gyrations, got the hose in the right spot and everything flowing again. We hope that this was just a temporary issue.

Tomorrow she meets with her nephrologist to get the kidney transplant process underway. We are all excited to get her through this next big step to recovery!

And finally, in true Facebook format, I will tell you that Alyssa is now connected to her peritoneal machine which sits in her bedroom. Her TV does not work, so she has stretched the PD hose and from the hallway outside her room, she is watching the Hills on the TV in mom & dad's room. Yes, she is very creative when it comes to watching her "reality shows."

Dave is going to bed...goodnight.