Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kidney Walk a Big Success!

I had hoped to have the final totals for last Saturday's Kidney Walk for this week's update, but as of this morning they are still counting the pledges (which is probably a good sign.) It was a great event, but before we get into the details, I'll give you a quick "medical" update.

Yesterday, (Wednesday) saw us make an unexpected trip to the doctors office. Lyss had been battling cold symptoms for several days including a cough and sore throat but no fever. That changed yesterday when she awoke with a fever of 100 degrees. Now for most of us,a low grade fever is just a small inconvenience. However, for Alyssa, it can be life threatening as she doesn't have the strength or immune system to fight off even small infections. Add in the concerns that the H1N1 virus brings to the table and it's off to the doctor we go. After a few precautionary tests, she was sent back home with orders for bed rest and plenty of fluids. Another bullet dodged! This is one part of her illness that Lyss has not yet come to terms with. She doesn't understand why her doctors insist on seeing her for situations such as this, but Mom and Dad are both thankful that they do. Ah yes, yet another parent/child conflict.

Kidney Walk:
On Saturday, September 26th, several hundred walkers, including 20+ on Alyssa's, Team Prayer Bear, participated in the annual Kidney Foundation Walk. The Walk took place at Seneca Park and included a stroll through the Zoo. Funds raised are used to promote awareness of kidney disease, assist those requiring treatment, fund research and promote the need for transplant donors. In future updates I'll delve a little more into each of this areas.

Team Prayer Bear? The name comes from the Ty "Prayer Bear" Beanie Baby that Lyss has had for at least 12 years. Nightly, it can be found wrapped around her index finger and has been ever since she got it. It also never left her side throughout her hospital stays. As her her friends can attest, Lyss never goes anywhere without it. In January, Prayer Bear took on a whole new meaning after Alyssa became sick. She firmly believes that the power of prayer helped get her to where she is today! Team Prayer Bear...the perfect name!

The Kidney Foundation had set a Walk goal of $85,000 and as of today, had raised just over $80,000, with still more pledges to be counted. Alyssa's team goal was $3,000, which was exceeded ($4,100 to-date) with Lyss personally raising in excess of $2,700, making her the highest individual fund raiser! You Rock Lyss!

It's not to late to make a pledge. Click this link which will take you to Alyssa's Walk page. Team Prayer Bear is currently only $300 behind the top team! 100% of your donations go to fighting this awful disease.

Thank you to all of you for your tremendous support of Team Prayer Bear, and of course, for your never ending support of Alyssa.