Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Clarity

Seven hours today versus 14 Monday wasn't the only improvement - Lab results were also better, including a drop in the White Blood Cell (WBC)count to 10.9. Most everything else fell in the acceptable range with the exception of Phosphorous which results we are still waiting for. They drew a couple of virus panels due to the high WBC count on Monday, but those take a few days to get back. Blood pressure and pulse are still trending high so adjustments will be made to BP meds.

So where are we - good results, bad results. Good days, bad days...what does it all mean? Are we where we should be? Is this what the Dr's expected to see? Well, today brought us a little clarity. We had one of those rare, special, and often terrifying moments, when the doctor looks up from the eight inch thick file, puts down the stethoscope and just talks to you. Sensing anxiety in Lyssa's voice and demeanor, Dr Bodell said "Alyssa, you are doing incredibly well, better than we could have expected." Shortly after, her surgeon, Dr Maroquinn came in and just couldn't stop smiling while telling us that "he is thrilled with her progress." As both said, when you do something with no precedent to compare it to, you just don't know how it will all turn out. Both feel that she is doing better than expected.

We're only two+ weeks into this, with a great deal still ahead for Lyss, but for one day let's celebrate how far she has come!

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